Combat Map - Turn 45

Friday, January 18, 2013

A Vision of Betrayal GM Turn Post 3

The Cairnlands, a broken landscape of blood-salted earth and the ruins of countless failed assaults on Absalom’s walls, soon yields to open fields and fertile ground. Ahead, a vast forest covers the foothills of large range of snow-capped mountains. The well-trodden road soon ends at a tall wall of trees, signaling the end of civilization.
As the party approaches the woods, the large figure of a centaur exits the shadows of the trees. As the first hails the party, two more emerge from the woods.
“What brings you so far from your city travelers? Regardless, be warned, a larger predator stalks this area. We hunt a great cat, likely a panther.”
What do you do next?

A Vision of Betrayal Turn Results 2

After their meeting with Grandmaster Torch, the party has some time to go shopping and make preparations. While they are doing so, Nester Rees approached the party and introduced himself.
Rees is a human man of Garundi descent who walks with a cane, claiming he suffers from a malady of the heart that has left his right side weakened. Rees agrees to depart whenever the party is ready to do so, and suggests that they travel light to speed their journey across the island to the village of Pier’s End. As everyone is able to keep a similar pace he recommends foregoing the extra complication of using mounts or pack animals. Given the time table and the fact that the journey should not take more than about a week to complete, Rees does not think that faster travel is essential.
The party makes plans to depart the next morning.
If anyone wishes to make purchases, please note them in this thread. Purchases will later need to be added to your chronicle for this scenario.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Vision of Betrayal GM Turn Post 2

Next the party travels to see Grandmaster Torch, the mysterious information broker, ex-Pathfinder, and leader of the Shadow Lodge faction of the Society, who operates out of a network of subterranean tunnels beneath the water-logged Absalom district of the Puddles. Finding the Siphons requires no special skill but does take the party though the Puddles’ rough-and-tumble, flooded streets and into the sewers below.
A gruff half-orc guard grants the group entry into Torch’s audience chamber in the Siphons, a large stone room that has been magically rid of all standing water or even airborne moisture. Torch, a dark-haired, burn-covered man in his late-middle years sits in a large bathtub, and two attendants continually pour cool water over his cursed, festering wounds. His half-orc bodyguards eye the party warily as the Grandmaster rises to greet them and speaks.
“Well met, Pathfinders. I see you have survived as the Decemvirate’s pawns thus far, and for that I commend you. This next task they have for you is more dangerous than the venture-captain may have told you, so let me give you a word of warning. I have made it my life’s work to ensure Pathfinder agents are given all the tools they need to return home from their myriad adventures, and this map is the tool I give you. Follow the directions on my map as strictly as you can. Deviate from this path and you may encounter challenges far beyond your abilities. Many would paint me and those who believe like I do as betrayers of the Society, but it is the corps of the organization that I am completely loyal to. Each and every one of you.”
“If you believe you have been mistreated by the Ten or their representatives, don’t hesitate to let me know upon your return from Escadar. My network of agents and spies if vast, and I am a powerful ally to have on your side.”
”Now be off. You have a long journey ahead of you. And remember, don’t deviate from this map—it’s designed to get you there and back safely!”
What do you do next?

A Vision of Betrayal Turn Results 1

Having no further questions, the party is dismissed. As the group is preparing to leave, Lady Gloriana starts to stand up, and reaches her arm out for assistance from Korg. As the sorcerer reaches out and volunteers to assist, the noblewoman pulls his hand away. Korg finds that the lady slipped a small piece of paper into his palm while he assisted her.

Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play v4.3

I added a new link to v4.3 of the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play published on 1/7/13. It is under PBB References section on the right.