Combat Map - Turn 45

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

This Game is Officially on Hiatus

After much consideration, I have decided to place the PFS Play-by-Blog game on hiatus. I have not had the time for the game and it did not seem that the players had the time either.

Since we never really got that far, we will treat this as if you have never plaed this module. You are free to play your characters in other PFS events.

I am planning to run this adventure with my Tuesday night group as we have several players in need of low tier adventures to build their stable of characters.

I am open to playing PFS PBB again in the future. As we are limited on low tier scenarios, it may have to wait until one is released and earmarked for us to play or we would need to play a higher tier adventure. I can always run the Tier 1-2 The Confirmation. Bruce and Dave have played it but it is replayable and has some differences worked into it.