Combat Map - Turn 45

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Hoilday Boon: Crystalhue 4712 AR

Another PFS holiday boon is upon us. Check it out:

I will be sending scanned copies to Matt H, Brad, Matt F and Daren. I will supply the hard copies to Bruce and Dave when I next see them.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Vision of Betrayal GM Turn Post 1

In the heart of the Pathfinder Society’s headquarters at Skyreach, Venture-Captain Drandle Dreng, a wiry old man with a wild gray beard and glinting eyes, sits on a large plush bench next to a finely dressed, full-figured woman who looks as though this entire meeting is not worth her time. Dreng warmly greets you and introduces you to the woman, Lady Gloriana Morilla. The Taldan woman tilts her head slightly in acknowledgement of the introduction, but otherwise makes no move to greet anyone. Oblivious to any social slight on the lady’s part, Dreng goes on to explain your mission.
“Recently, a contact from the Low Azlanti embassy in Escadar approached us with an offer. It seems they have discovered a unique relic of Azlanti origin on the Inner Sea’s floor that we have a unique opportunity to add to our collection for study. In return, however, we must deliver one of our catalogued items to Escadar in exchange. The Low Azlanti drive a hard bargain, so we need you to escort a relics broker to Escadar so he can authenticate the Azlanti item and mediate a fair deal on the Ten’s behalf.”
Dreng further warns that the Pathfinders are not the only group that looks to acquire this relic. It seems the Aspis Consortium has also tendered an offer, and the gillmen have decided to accept the Consortium’s deal if the Society cannot finalize its agreement within 30 days. An Aspis-funded warship patrols the waters just beyond Absalom’s harbor, preventing Pathfinder agents from sailing to Escadar unmolested. Dreng and Lady Gloriana have come up with what they see as a solution.
Lady Morilla stirs from her silence and speaks in a strong, demanding voice. “I have used some of the Empire of Taldor’s most skilled operatives to plant a false crew manifest and course plans with the harbormaster, ensuring that the Aspis Consortium spies who certainly keep an eye on such matters believe we are moving our relic to Escadar on a ship tomorrow morning. This decoy should occupy the Consortium sufficiently for you to travel overland to Escadar with plenty of time to make the final agreement with the gillmen before the Society’s window of opportunity runs out.”
Dreng laughs to himself absently, then instructs you to go to the Siphons in the Puddles and meet with the Pathfinder Society’s ally, information broker Grandmaster Torch. “Torch will give you a map for a smugglers’ trail through the isle’s center that should allow for relatively easy and secret travel overland to Escadar. The Society has hired an appraiser and relics broker named Nester Rees to verify the authenticity of the gillmen’s relic. Rees will meet up with you after your meeting with Grandmaster Torch.”
“I have  arranged lodgings for you at an Escadar tavern called the Grindylow’s Goblet, where the gillmen have agreed to meet with you. Once you arrive, you only need to send word to the Low Azlanti embassy, then have Master Rees conduct the negotiations at the tavern on the Society’s behalf. You are responsible for Rees’ safety and for the success of his negotiations.”
Do you have any further questions for the Venture-Captain and Lady Morilla?
A map of Absalom can be found on the Map of Absalom tab. Skyreach is located in the Foreign Quarter, not far from the Puddles.
Escadar is located on the Isle of Erran north of the Isle of Kortos where Absalom is located.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Please welcome Daren to the game

Please welcome Daren to the game. Assuming eveything stays on track, we will get started at the beginning of next week. The new adventure is A Vision of Betrayal.

Daren will be playing Beryl, a half-elf cleric of Korada, an Empyreal Lord. I have inserted him in position 4 of the marching order as I had not heard any other direction. If this is a problem or you want to change/update the marching order, please let me know.

Some background on Korada and the Empyreal Lords for those who do not know:

Empyreal Lords are ascended concepts and servants, bridging the gap between celestial and god. They rise from the very being of the Outer Sphere, champions and protectors of the fundamental essence of good. Once they counted Sarenrae among their ranks, and mortals look to them for guidance, vision, and strength. They are angels nearly powerful enough to be called gods in their own right.

Korada is the meditating Lord of the Dream Lotus, and his primary followers are monks, ascetics, and those who lead the life of the mind/body/spirit union. His alignment is neutral good, and his domains are Good, Magic, Healing, and Protection. If you follow Korada devoutly, you shave your head and sacrifice your earthly pleasures to contemplate existence. You never raise your voice or lose your temper; you are a calm island even in the midst of chaos. You greet others of your kind with a bow and the touch of two fingers, and your monasteries are hidden in mountain fastnesses or farflung desert oases.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I would like to get the next one going

I want to get the next scenario started. I still need to hear from everyone if you plan to do any shopping and if there are any significant changes to your characters as a result so that I can update the Character Summary.

Reminder: Those of you with Day Job rolls, they are not included on the most recent chronicle that I sent to you. If you provide a roll, I can update the sheets and initial and resend them to you (or sign them in person like I did for Matt F on Sunday).

Daren says that he is planning to play. That means a 6th character for the group. He is expecting to play a cleric as well. This will also require a change to the standing marching order. Please advise how you would like to adjust.

If all goes well, I would like to start on next Monday. I will start sooner if I get everything I need.