Combat Map - Turn 45

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bookkeeping and the Next Scenario

We have concluded the scenario. I will be reporting the session and electronically sending out the chronicles shortly. Dave and Bruce can get their sheets from me in person. The rest of you can have the physical copies when I next see you.
Now is the time to complete any shopping for your characters. Please let me know what you plan to sell and purchase. If you are inclined, you may also spend your Prestige Points. Again, just let me know what you are purchasing. If your purchases make a significant impact on your character sheet, please send me a new PDF copy of the Hero Lab file so that I can add it to the site and make any adjustments to the Character Summary.
If he is still interested, this would be the time for Daren to start playing.  I still need to get a character from him.
Once everyone is settled, we will be starting First Steps, Par t I II: A Vision of Betrayal. I would like to get that rolling by sometime next week.

To Delve the Dungeon Deep GM Turn Post 45B

The Trade Price took the offered sword and with deft hands and a smile revealed what he believed to be the true treasure. The Qadiran revealed a secret compartment in the hilt of the jade katana. Inside the compartment was a tightly-rolled document. He went on to reveal that it was a document, written in both Tien and Kellish, which both serves as a letter of credit and details a trade agreement between any holder of that agreement and a group called the Way of the Kirin. Further, the document promises the holder the full support of the Way of the Kirin, along with naval and war materiel worth 50,000 gp. Aaqir al’Hakam claimed the trade agreement for Qadira. The trade Prince wished the party well and sent them on their way.
Amara Li was ecstatic upon the return of the jade katana. That is until she realizes that the trade agreement is no longer contained within. She admitted that she did not share her knowledge of its existence with the party and acknowledged that they did what she asked. She took full responsibility for the group giving the agreement to al’Hakam first, despite her obvious disappointment. She wished the party good fortune and thanked them again for a well executed mission.

Friday, November 16, 2012

To Delve the Dungeon Deep GM Turn Post 45

Major Maldris actually found the Pathfinders while on their way to see Trade Prince Aaqir al’Hakam. He apparently had already heard of the party’s success and their encounter with Maurit Zergo, the former Pathfinder turned ghoul. He both congratulated and consoled the group. “I know it was difficult,” he said. “The undead sometimes cling to life, but they always turn to evil. This was a hard lesson that I felt you had to learn, to better serve the common good. As Pathfinders, we should always serve the common good and always fight for freedom.” With those words, the Major wished the group “Good day” and made his leave.
After their meeting with the Andoran faction leader, the party arrived at the offices of Trade Prince Aaqir al’Hakam. Aaqir al’Hakam was pleased to see them and accepted the various trade agreements which were recovered with gratitude. Without being told that they have the katana, he asked, “May I please see the jade katana that you recovered?”
What do you do?

To Delve the Dungeon Deep Turn Results 44

Deciding that fighting the giant amoeba was not worth their while, the party withdrew from the creature and exited Asad’s Keep. The returned to Absalom and prepared to report their successes to the Venture Captains.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wrapping up this scenario

Assuming that you retreat from the ooze and leave the dungeon (it sounds like that was what was shaping up), does eveyone agree to the order of seeking out the Venture Captains that Matt F proposed?

Do you want a chance to role play each meeting or do you just want me to summarize all of them?

Does anyone have any actions that they wish to perform before you leave the dungeon or seek out the Venture Captains?

Shopping, copying spells, etc can be handled once I get the chronicle sheets out to you.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New PFS Holiday Boon - Evoking Day

A new holiday is upon us. The details can be found here:
For those of you that I do not see in person frequently, I will be scanning and e-mailing your boons shortly. For Bruce and Dave, I will bring them tonight to our Tuesday game.

To Delve the Dungeon Deep GM Turn Post 44

Roll initiative. Starting positions for Turn 44 are displayed on the Combat Map.
Please submit your turn instructions using the Player Action Response - Turn Post Template.
Korg – Mage Armor (1 hour)
Party Health:
Fergus 8/9, Jerry 8/14, Noc Stonepriest 11/12, Ronan Hex 8/9, Korg the Mighty 8/8

To Delve the Dungeon Deep Turn Results 43

This large room is dank, and a strange draft flows through it carrying with it a foul odor. Rubble is strewn here and there. A strange, slimy slick glistens down the western wall. Near the slick is a wooden door. The only sound in this room is a faint drip echoing from deeper in the dungeon.
As the party approached the door, Fergus and Ronan shouted out an alarm as they realized that the slick on the wall was moving and alive.