Combat Map - Turn 45

Monday, April 22, 2013

Players for this Game

Brad has officially dropped from this game and I have not had any word from Steve for a while. I have sent a couple of e-mails but have not received any response as of yet.

Do you want to proceed with just the 4 (maybe 5) of you? Do you have anyone else that you want to invite?


Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Vision of Betrayal GM Turn Post 5

The following day brings continued travel through the forested foothills. Again it is difficult and slow going. You travel for what you figure is six or seven miles before you must stop and make camp. You locate a likely location to settle in for the night.

The area for Turn 5 is displayed on the Combat Map. Please provide your character positions on the map. If you have any special instructions please post them with your turn response.
If no instructions to the contrary are received, the following will be used as the watch order for night 2:

Shift 1: Fergus and Holytrama
Shift 2: Jerry and Noc
Shift 3: Ronan and Korg

A Vision of Betrayal Turn Results 4

A Jerry approached the log and begins to cross the river, the ninja spots movement and hears a noise in the trees to the northwest.  The sound seemed like that of a good sized creature running through the foliage.

Jerry had no problems crossing the river. A search of the area on the opposite bank revealed more tracks but the trail was soon lost.
Deeming the area safe for the time being, the party began to search for a spot to camp for the night. The group formed a watch and spent an uneasy but uneventful night in the dense forest.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

First Steps Scenarios Will Be Retired

It was announced today that the First Steps scenarios will be retired at Gen Con 2013. You can check out this and all the PFS announcements on the Know Direction Pathfinder Podcast 61: PFS Special -

I think that we will need to get this scenario completed by then. I expect it can be done but we need to make sure to keep up on posts.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Taxfest 4713 AR Boon

A new PFS holiday boon was released today. I will send out copies tomorrow via e-mail.

You can check out the details here:

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Vision of Betrayal GM Turn Post 4

The sound of running water echoes ahead, and several muted beams of light pierce the thick forest canopy. Soon the dense forest opens, revealing a river that blocks the way forward. A large felled tree trunk offers a way over the swift moving river. With the exception of the rushing sound of the water, an eerie silence pervades the area, as does the fresh smell of death.

The half-eaten carcass of a large deer stains the forest’s foliage near a fast moving river 10 feet in front of the party.
Starting positions for Turn 4 are displayed on the Combat Map.

What do you do?

A Vision of Betrayal Turn Results 3

The party of centaurs bid you farewell, leaving you with a masterwork longspear and a bag containing 8 goodberries.

Travel through the forested foothills is difficult and slow. It takes the remainder of the day for you to come to a clearing near a river. It will soon be time to make camp.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Vision of Betrayal GM Turn Post 3A

Do you wish to interact/talk with the centaurs further? Thus far the centaurs have been civil, acting neither hostile nor particularly friendly.

Either way, what do you do next?

A Vision of Betrayal – Recap

Your mission is to travel to Escadar with Nestor Rees, a scholar, and negotiate with Gillman to acquire an artifact the Pathfinder Society has an interest in acquiring.

You have met with Venture-Captain Drandle Dreng and Lady Glorianna Morilla to receive your mission and briefing. You were sent to get a map from Grandmaster Torch which shows a smuggler’s trail across the island to the settlement of Pier’s End. From there you are to secure passage to Escadar.
Copies of the letter from Lady Glorianna Morilla and the map from Grandmaster Torch can be found under the Missions/Goals tab or at the direct URL
You met with Nestor Rees and soon left Absalom on your journey.  As you approached the forest north of the city, you encountered a small band of three centaurs. They provided a warning about a large, predator cat in the area which they are hunting.