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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

To Delve the Dungeon Deep GM Turn Post 4

Travel to the site of Asad’s Keep is arduous; the terrain is rocky and marred with the scars of millennia of wars. It is thirsty work to get to your destination, but you encounter no resistance. Your directions lead to a small gully.
At the end of the gully, about fifteen feet above the ground on a cliff face, is an ancient, ironbound door. Its wood is dried and cracked. Directly in front of the door is a steep slope of rubble and dust-crusted debris that, as luck would have it, provides a path—albeit a rough and difficult one—right up to the door.
What do you do next?
Starting positions for Turn 4 are displayed on the Combat Map.
Please submit your turn instructions using the Player Action Response - Turn Post Template.
Party Health:
Fergus 9/9, Jerry 14/14, Noc Stonepriest 12/12, Ronan Hex 9/9, Korg the Mighty 8/8

To Delve the Dungeon Deep Turn Results 3

Aaqir al’Hakam shakes each of your hands solemnly. He thanks you, blesses your journey and then makes his exit.

It is late after the Snapdragon Festival wound to a close but a city as large as Absalom never truly sleeps. If there are any items that you would like to purchase before venturing into the Cairnlands, purchases can be accomplished before the morning.

Please handle any additional purchases in this thread.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

To Delve the Dungeon Deep GM Turn Post 3

As the party winds down , a well-dressed Keleshite man approaches you and asks for a quick word. He draws you to the side, away from any crowds or activity, and addresses you in a slow, level voice with a strong Kelish accent.
“I am Aaqir al’Hakam. Like a fast-spoken djinn, I’ll get to the quick. I know where you are going. House Damaq of Qadira claim the ruin, but we are willing to allow you access for the price of a small deed easily accomplished during your adventure. You will be well compensated, I assure you, for profits are most rewarding when shared. I assume treasure-seekers like yourselves are interested in such a proposition?”
Without waiting for an answer, he continues, his eyes intent and his posture rigid.
“The ruin is Qadiran, which is why we claim it, and we are willing to defend it, but there are really only certain things left in Asad’s Keep we are interested in: trade agreements, of which we believe there to be many within the ruins. All we ask that you do is to turn over all trade agreements you find to us as soon as you return to Absalom, as we will be able to hold the signers to them even centuries after their signing.”
“The satrap of Qadira—nay, the entire Padishah Empire of Kelesh—has much to offer the Pathfinder Society, and I personally have no qualms about sharing those resources with you, specifically. Shall we shake on this agreement?”
What do you do? Do you have any questions?

To Delve the Dungeon Deep Turn Results 2

Major Colson Maldris answers the group’s questions in a general manner. “Fire, acid and holy water are always useful as is any positive energy source. Having a variety of weapons can also be beneficial. I do not know what you might face specifically but it is prudent to remain wary. I have years of experience where Pathfinder agents have died exploring the ruins of the Cairnlands.” For the rest of the conversation he talks about the glory of freedom and the righteous Andoren cause of spreading democracy throughout the Inner Sea.
After the conversation has carried on for a while, a member of the serving staff, decked out in a finely crafted silken robe, approached the major and interrupted him, whispering something in his ear. He quickly excused himself and headed toward the door. “Excuse me. I have some pressing Eagle Knight business to attend to. Good luck with your endeavor. May our talk serve you well.”

Thursday, February 9, 2012

To Delve the Dungeon Deep GM Turn Post 2

“Greetings, Pathfinders! I hear you’re headed out into the Cairnlands on official Society business. Best of luck outside the city walls, though you look like sturdy enough adventurers. Perhaps not Eagle Knight material, but qualified for the work of a Pathfinder."

“A word of warning, though, friends—beware the walking dead. The crumbling ruins surrounding the city are rife with them, and you’re likely to run into more than your fair share over the course of your career. Undeath and the undead are more than just a physical peril, however. Undeath is the worst kind of slavery. And it should be eradicated like all servitude, whether to aristocracy or to mental control. Being enslaved to the flesh beyond when Pharasma calls one’s soul to the Boneyard is a fate I wouldn’t wish upon my greatest enemy. So while you plumb the depths of Asad’s Keep, remember your solemn duty to your fellow man—both living and dead. Any undead you encounter along the way should be freed of their earthly shell."

“If you prove your dedication to freedom, the resources of Andoran will be at your disposal in your future endeavors.”

What do you do? Do you have any questions?

To Delve the Dungeon Deep Turn Results 1

After leaving Amara Li's study, the group rejoined the party. You are able to mingle with the the other guests without too many eyebrows being raised.

As you enjoy all that the party has to offer, a man approaches the you. He is decked out in the military fineries of an Eagle Knight’s ceremonial uniform—a bright blue overcoat with polished gold buttons, gold eagle epaulets, and a fine, black felt tricorn hat. The handsome man is a charmer who clearly thinks very highly of himself. He speaks loudly and confidently, as if he wants the entire party to “overhear” his conversation with the group.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

To Delve the Dungeon Deep GM Turn Post 1

You have received invitations to a party being held this evening at the Lantern Lodge, the beautiful and exotic estate of the Tian venture-captain, Amara Li, in Absalom’s Petal District. Tonight is the Snapdragon Festival, a traditional Gokan holiday featuring fireworks and rich plum wine. A handwritten note accompanying the invitation encourages you to dress to impress and to seek out the hostess and head of the Lantern Lodge, Amara Li, upon your arrival.
Only the luckiest or most influential Pathfinders receive invitations to Amara Li’s annual Snapdragon Festival celebration, and wise recipients take advantage of them. The aroma of blooming orchids and flowing wine mixes with the acrid tang of recently exploded fireworks, and the sound of strangely discordant music comes from a duo of Tian women playing an unusual stringed instrument and a reed flute. The crowd mingles calmly, most guests clearly hoping to be seen more than actually paying attention to those with whom they converse, though the plum wine seems to have affected many who now move about the lodge’s grounds waving sparkling wands of fire and shooting whirring, whizzing fireworks into the sky above the koi pond.
After you have been at the party for a few minutes, you are approached by a servant and invited into Amara Li’s private study, where you find her seated on a reed mat before a low table set with an exquisite porcelain tea set. She motions for the party to sit with her around the table. Once the door is closed behind you and you are seated, she begins talking in a low, hushed voice without even the hint of a Tian accent:
“Well met, Pathfinders, and welcome to the Lantern Lodge. I hope you find the Snapdragon Festival and my hospitality worthy of your time and energy. I have not brought you here for mere pleasantries, however, and wish to ask you to partake a dangerous mission on my behalf.”
“Long ago, one of my most esteemed ancestors, who was rich in power but poor in sense, gave a gift to a foreign prince, a gift that prince did not deserve and my foolish ancestor had no right to give—a ceremonial jade katana. At the time the gift was sent, its recipient was invading this island. He laid siege to Absalom from his fortress in the foothills of the Kortos Mounts. Like those who came before him, the warlord failed to take Absalom and perished in the attempt. On the very day of his defeat, his castle crumbled to dust in a violent earthquake and has been lost to the centuries ever since. My family’s heirloom was lost with it.”
“A recent report by a group of Pathfinders gives me hope that they have finally found the ruin, and I might finally recover my family’s treasure. I’m looking for an intrepid group to retrieve it for me, and I’m hoping that is you. The fame and wealth you will doubtlessly recover will bring you much honor within the Society, and if you deliver the katana to me, you will have my favor as you begin your careers as full agents of the Pathfinder Society.”
“The exploration of this ruin would be as Pathfinders, but retrieval of the katana would be a personal favor for me. You will find directions to the ruin upon this scroll. Please enjoy yourselves at the Snapdragon Festival tonight and head out to the Cainlands tomorrow morning."

Did your character take the opporunity to dress up (i.e. did you purchase better clothes and/or jewelry)?

Do you do enjoy the party as the Venture-Captain suggests?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bookkeeping - Require Player Responses

I need everyone to make a day job roll. Anyone with a Craft, Perform or Profession skill may make a skill check. The result will determine any extra money you will earn during your down time between scenarios. I will send you Chonicles once you have made your rolls.
Everyone has earned 2 Fame and now has 2 Prestige Points which you may spend even though you technically do not yet have a declared Faction.
You may use the money you have earned to purchase any items from the Always Available List and any items listed on your Chronicle.
Once everyone as finished your bookkeeping, I am ready to start the next scenario.

In Service to Lore Turn Results 27

Fergus again stepped forward and stabbed at the cleric with his rapier. The weapon stuck true, missing the illusion and uninhibited by the mist, to deal 5 damage to the enemy. Jerry moved behind the target again but missed with both of his flanking attacks. Korg stepped forward, casting an Acid Splash on the defensive. The spell found its mark despite the mist and the copycat image. The spell dealt 3 damage to the cleric, dropping her and ended the combat.
Once the fighting ends, the party was able to revive Ronan and Noc. Two of the four assailants were determined to be dead. The cleric and sorceress were still alive while the rogue and barbarian were definitely dead. Looting the bodies yields some treasure and equipment. The survivors were left for the authorities.
After returning to the Grand Lodge, Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin thanks you for carrying out his tasks, and assures you that not every mission for the Pathfinder Society involves running errands about Absalom. Further, he congratulates you on proving your skill and responsibility, and promises a new assignment in the near future to take you beyond Absalom’s unassailable walls.
This concludes In Service to Lore. I will be sending your chronicle sheets shortly.

Merrymead Boon

I will be sending the Merrymead Boon to those of you who do not participate in our regular Tuesday game.

If you are interested in learning more, check it out at:

Thursday, February 2, 2012

In Service of Lore GM Turn Post 27

Begin Combat Round 6. Starting positions for Turn 27 are displayed on the Combat Map.
The initiative order is:
Initiative 18: Ronan – Unconscious
Initiative 17: Fergus
Initiative 17: Jerry
Initiative 17: Noc – Unconscious
Initiative 8: Korg
Initiative 8: Deandre Dulay
Please submit your turn instructions using the Player Action Response - Turn Post Template.
Obscuring Mist – obscures all sight, including darkvision, beyond 5 feet. A creature 5 feet away has concealment (attacks have a 20% miss chance). Creatures farther away have total concealment (50% miss chance, and the attacker cannot use sight to locate the target) - (1 minute)
Korg - Mage Armor - +4 AC - (1 hour)
Ronan – +1 enhancement bonus on scimitar – (1 minute)
Ronan – Unconscious
Noc – Unconscious
Party Health:
Fergus 7/9, Jerry 9/14, Noc Stonepriest -1/12, Ronan Hex -3/9, Korg the Mighty 1/8
Map Key:
Light blue squares are filled with Obscuring Mist. Mist is 20 feet tall.
Deandre Dulay (M4) – Can be seen by Jerry.

In Service to Lore Turn Results 26

Fergus stepped forward and stabbed at the enemy cleric. His attack missed but disrupted the copycat figment. Jerry tumbled through and past the cleric to make a flanking attack with his katana. The blow missed the mark due to the impaired visibility caused by the mist. Noc moved forward and attacked with his Nunchaku. The blow landed dealing 6 damage to the enemy cleric. Korg stepped forward and cast Acid Splash on the defensive. The sorcerer avoided the attack of opportunity but lost his spell in the attempt.
The cleric channeled negative energy dealing 3 damage to Fergus and Ronan and 6 damage to Noc, Korg and Jerry. Korg barely remained conscious and Noc slipped into unconsciousness again. The enemy cleric stepped out of the flanked position stepping closer to Jerry and reset her copycat domain ability.

Made a mistake

For the last two rounds when the evil cleric has channeled negative energy, I forgot to apply the Will save for the PC. I have corrected the damage in previous posts and HP will be correct as of the Turn 26 results.

It was not a perfect solution but it seemed fair. Sorry if anyone missed an acton due to this mistake.