Combat Map - Turn 45

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

GoM: What Lurks in the Woods – Turn Results 24

Ro-Mahn moved forward, drew his sling and fired a bullet at the animal. The shot hit the wolverine and dealt 8 damage. This enraged the creature and it charged the rogue. The wolverine slashed wildly with its claw but missed the target.

Cando charged forward and swung is double-axe. The blow landed and dealt 7 damage to the monster. Barnacleez shook his magic missile wand, Missy, and fired a spell at the monster. The missile flew forward but fizzled when it struck, dealing no damage. Lady Emyralda move up next to Cando and attacked with her scimitar but missed.

Wahesh approached from the left of Lady Emyralda and attacked the beast with his longsword. The blow landed and dealt 8 damage. Stabem moved in from the right and positioned himself for a future flanking attack.

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