Combat Map - Turn 45

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

GoM: What Lurks in the Woods – Turn Results 25

Ro-Mahn tumbled around and behind the animal. The rogue stabbed the wolverine while flanking with Cando. His rapier pierced the monster dealing 7 damage. The gore covered wolverine returned the attack, assaulting the rogue with its claws and teeth. All three attacks landed dealing a total of 18 damage and dropped the rogue.

Cando swung his double axe twice. The fighter hit with both stokes dealing 17 damage and killing the monster.

Lady Emyralda used her Rebuke Death ability to stabilize Ro-Mahn, healing 2 damage from the rogue. She applied an additional use of the ability to heal another 2 damage and return the rogue to consciousness.

The Demon’s Bile on the goblin corpse was easily destroyed with applications of Rebuke Death spells and cold iron weapons. A search of the corpse after the cleansing yielded a small suit of masterwork studded leather armor and a small composite longbow fitted for a +1 STR bonus.

After searching the area, Lady Emyralda used her healing magics to restore Ro-Mahn to full health.

The party rested for the night and continued to follow the goblin trail the next morning.

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